Clay Long is a seasoned police detective who left his department to become a Special Ranger for the Governor of Texas. A tour in Iraq as First Sergeant with his airborne National Guard unit honed his instincts as a hunter of men.

Ross Larimer served his tour in Vietnam back in the day, came home to Alpine, Texas, and joined the sheriff’s department. He married a Tejana woman, raised a family, kept a few cows, and stayed horseback helping neighbors work their cattle.

When the Hombres de Sangre (Men of Blood), a group of soulless killers working for the cartels, start crossing the border into Texas to ply their trade, Clay and Ross team up to stop them. Chasing them across the Big Bend country of Far West Texas, down the Rio Grande, and into Mexico, the two encounter more than they bargained for. Much more.

Their adventures will keep the pages turning, but it’s the bond that develops between Clay and Ross that captivates the reader. The two veterans, hardened by combat and life, banter and argue like brothers…but always have each other’s back.

Come along through this still-wild country, raft the river, and saddle up for a ride into Mexico to shoot it out with the worst of men. It’s a trip you won’t soon forget.

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